'Stop the War on the Poor' t-shirts

'Stop the War on the Poor' t-shirts

AAAP T Shirts

AAAP are selling Black 'Stop the War on the Poor' T-Shirts.

$25 each + $5 postage

Fitted Cut:

S - 5

M - 10

L - 6

XL - 1

2XL - 0

Straight Cut:

S - 9

M- 7

L - 4

XL - 0

2XL - 0

4XL - 4

We will sell the tshirts until they run out, and will keep you updated as to how many are left and in what sizes.


  1. Fill out your details below
  2. Make your payment
  3. Email contact@aaap.org.nz with your confirmation number and order (including fit and size).

If you don't have debit, credit or paypal you can do a bank transfer to 38 9011 0832874 00. Particulars: TSHIRT and Reference: [Name]. Email through your order including size and fit, your full name, address, phone number to contact@aaap.org.nz

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